My favorite question: WHY?  Although often misunderstood, why simply and perfectly asks for an explanation.  No judgement.  No argument. No complexity.  No emotions. Just a quest for more information.  Unfortunately, and as with most things, over the generations this quest has morphed at times into all the things it isn’t.  As a mother of 2 young boys, I’ll admit at times the endlessly asked “why?” starts to turn my patience into anger.  I’ve learned when I’m at the end of my ability to explain, I simply ask back to the boys “why do you think?”.  Their responses intrigue me each time.

You may be asking yourself this quesiton right now as you read this post.  Why?  Why is she writing this? Why did she make this blog? Why am I taking my own precious minutes to read it?  WHY?  Each time I’ve shared this new writing adventure with friends and family, I’ve been asked WHY? (usually with a confused yet supportive look on the askers face!) So here’s the answer:

Why not? 

We always hear sentiments like you’ll never know until you try, or you’ll always regret it if you don’t, or fear is temporary but regret is forever, but how often do we actually embody those sentiments?  How often do we just think happiness or accomplishment is reserved for someone else?  Someone who?  Someone better than you? Maybe someone smarter than you? Not this time, sister.  It’s taken me a long journey to come to this conclusion but here I am and here I’m going to stay.  God has gifted me with this idea, this dream to write.  Maybe it never becomes anything.  Maybe it lives in the infinite data within the elusive (and terribly confusing) cloud.  Maybe I get laughed at behind my back.  Maybe I get laughed at to my face.  But no matter, I know I listened to my inner voice and I tried.  I believe the inner voice is God.  You may not believe that and that’s okay.  But this is MY blog and I believe it so I write it!

There is no end-game for me yet.  This whole experiment may have the purpose of perfecting a craft or maybe its a waste of time.  But it’s mine and I tried it.  And I’m glad you’ve read to the end!  Thank you for journeying this with me!  Now what are you going to try?

Philippians 3:14

2 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Courtney

    lovely! I feel the same way: starting my photography business has been incredibly empowering and one of the scariest things I’ve ever done! But, I’m doing it & giving it my best! Congrats on starting this new journey!


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